Success Stories from The Flexible Dieting Coach

“Our flexible dieting approach is a game changer! Alyssa & Lauren talk about their experience over the last 8 months.”

– Alyssa and Lauren Barlow

“Our flexible dieting approach is a game changer! Alyssa & Lauren talk about their experience over the last 8 months.”

– Alyssa and Lauren Barlow

Erik’s clients sing his praises

Erik Young is a great coach. He is well organized and always available when you need him. In just a little over one month I lost 20 lbs. I felt better and still kept my strength for my work outs. I would definitely recommend Erik and he's meal plans.

Brad Reynolds

Erik helped me lose 10lbs in just 3 months with an awesome nutrition plan. I travel for work a lot so it's pretty tough for me to stick to a diet but he worked with me to customize meals, use apps to track my food, and provided coaching along the way. He was always available when I needed him and made the process fun! Thanks for everything, Erik!

Shaun Hoff

Working with Erik has been amazing! I just had my last weekly check in with him and am officially on my own to maintain my weight. I worked with Erik for a year and can't recommend him enough (I started when I was 6 months postpartum). I loved that Erik was very transparent about the process from the start - his goal was to help me reach my goals and give me the tools to succeed on my own. It was never about keeping me as a client forever...although part of me wants to work with him forever!

Throughout the past year, I have not only surpassed the physical goals I set for myself, but the real value of working with Erik is what I learned from him. I have embraced eating so much more food and not being afraid of it. After years of eating too little, my body feels fueled and strong, and I no longer obsess about food and how I should be eating. I have indulgences and enjoy them, and not let it stress me out or derail my progress. I've learned how to truly be consistent.

I honestly still can't believe I am wearing the smallest jeans I have ever owned, and have abs for the first time in my life, all while eating more food than I've ever eaten. I am so happy I took the plunge to work with Erik - it was truly an investment in myself!

Gina Valentine

After dealing with a very bad post figure competition rebound, I contacted Erik for help. From there he has helped me regain my body back in a healthy non restrictive manner through reverse dieting and has been so encouraging throughout the process. As a full time graduate student the macro blueprint has also made it effortless to stay on track with my hectic schedule. I highly recommend their services and even my mother is working with Erik now!

Megan Bryanton

So! I didn't think this was real - I was very negative in the beginning wavering on whether or not I should eat more. I mean, I know my body right. I know I shouldn't eat candy often or eat peanut butter daily. This guy must be out of his mind! Well, a year later and I dropped 19 pounds to the day. I have been happier than I have been in a long time.

For a girl who never visited "the scale" to a girl dreading "the weigh in" every Friday morning, this girl is super excited and even more determined to finish the remaining 8 pound goal. I know I can do it and I am on course to know what I can eat...AND knowing I WILL enjoy what I can eat,.

Erik, THANK YOU!!! for sticking with me, for walking me through my negativity, reassuring me that eating more, including a breakfast (that I never ate), would help me get to where I want to be.

I haven't been this excited in a very long time and for those of you like me who was always say "no, it's impossible." I truly hope you have an Erika..and an Erik on your shoulder saying - just try it for three months. You can be committed, you will like it.

I absolutely love it and want to say thank you to Erik. and Thank you to Erika for introducing me to Erik and giving me the confidence that I can stick to an eating plan!

Missy Valdez

Erik is the man! I had never been below 205lbs and he got me to 182lbs. Best thing you could do for yourself is get your food right.

Jason Huber

My story is probably like a million others. Worked out for years with mixed results. Lose weight then gain it back. I knew I'd have to do something different to meet my goals as I got into my late 40's. Now at 49 I’m seeing real results. I owe this to Erik. I’ve been working with Erik for just over 6 months and to date have lost 25 pounds and eat more food then I could imagine. Erik showed me what proper nutrition is and how tracking macros can lead to the results I want to achieve while at the same time enjoying the food I love. It doesn’t matter if you are an average Joe or a fitness buff, Erik can help you. Understanding how nutrition plays a huge role in your fitness journey is important and this is what Erik does best. He will equip you with the knowledge to be self-sufficient and have your back when you need him. I’m excited for what is next for me. Erik is working out a new plan and is now adding more food into my diet. My fitness journey will continue and you can bet I’ll be using Erik as my nutritional and fitness guru. Thanks Erik!

Bobby Cockrum

I started working with Erik roughly three months ago. At first I struggled really hard to stick with my meal plans. As I discussed my struggles and challenges with him, he worked with me to help change and make the meal plans easier to stick to. I have seen a significant amount of change and just recently saw some abs coming through. Erik is so knowledgeable and has helped make my new life style easier to stick to! Thank you Erik for being so amazing.

Liana Salazar

Erik was recommended by my husband’s cousin. We were trying the Keto diet and not liking how we felt. I lost some weight but this is not a lifestyle I wanted to maintain. Because we had been on this type of eating pattern for a few weeks, Erik helped us get our eating into a real lifestyle not fad diet. We started off slow but still lost weight, slowly. He made sure that we understood why counting macros was important. It made me analyze my eating patterns and realize what I was lacking in my diet and how that was really affecting my overall health. We were with him for 3 months and I was where I wanted to be with my weight. It was the perfect education for me regarding health/nutrition. For me personally, understanding the why of what I am doing when it comes to meals is more important than just a list of foods to eat or don’t eat. Now I understand how to best feed my family to help them as they get older.

Nancy Hunt

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